Jaime Villanueva

Empowering Innovation in Learning: Where Experience Meets Expertise. 

Drawing from an extensive background that spans over a decade in shaping the future of learning within IT, social media, and financial sectors for leading organizations such as TikTok, Facebook, Salesforce, and GE Digital, my experience and expertise stand at the forefront of innovative learning design and development.

This deep-rooted history in the field has not only honed my skills but also enriched my approach, allowing me to craft educational solutions that are as effective as they are groundbreaking. My journey encapsulates a blend of practical wisdom and strategic acumen, enabling me to navigate the complexities of digital education and deliver learning experiences that set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

Through a commitment to leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, I’ve pioneered training programs that resonate with modern learners and meet the evolving needs of global teams.

Mobile Learning Expertise

Mobile Learning Expertise

In today's fast-paced world, the demand for flexible, accessible learning solutions has never been higher. Mobile learning, or mLearning, offers the promise of learning on the go, catering to the modern learner's need for training that fits into their busy schedules....

Interactive Content Creation

Interactive Content Creation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of corporate training and adult education, the design and development of interactive training content stand out as a pivotal element in engaging learners, enhancing knowledge retention, and facilitating the acquisition of new skills....

Innovative eLearning Solutions

Innovative eLearning Solutions

In the dynamic realm of eLearning, innovation is the driving force behind effective, engaging, and accessible training programs. As we delve deeper into the digital age, the landscape of eLearning is continually evolving, shaped by advancements in technology, shifts...

“You’ve always been there for me when I needed someone to calm me down (flashback to when we received a ton of tasks). You always reminded me to take things one step at a time, and that everything will be okay. And you made sure it will be okay! I appreciate you for introducing me to eLearning design, and showing me how to create animations. I really wanted to recreate the YouTube Channel, Infographcs, and I got a taste of creating something similar with Toonly.”


LMS Administrator

“We have been through so much together personally and professionally. I could not have asked for a better O.G. to experience this journey with. You are kind, trustworthy, honest, generous, encouraging through tough times, and a great listener amongst many other things. I love that we have always been able to be real around each other and that you feel comfortable enough to tease me in front of everyone. (To me, this means you really like me! LOL…)”


Training Design & Development Specialist

“Thank you for being a ray of sunshine on the team. Your positivity is infectious and the levity you bring to every situation always made things better for me. I’m so happy I got to partner with you on the Onboarding Tool eLearning’ you definitely have an eye for instructional design and I learned so much about what to look out for when crafting new courses. Thank you for sharing that wisdom! Wherever you are off to, I wish you nothing but the best!”


Operations Program Manager

“You’ve been so approachable, supportive, encouraging, and honest during your time here. I am glad that I got to meet you in person and I will always remember you with warm thoughts. I wish you the best of luck and continued success wherever you may find yourself.”


Employee Engagement Specialist

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